Regional Development Australia - Wheatbelt
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Regional Plan


RDAW Regional PlanThe 2018 RDA Charter has removed the requirement to maintain a Regional Plan. The RDA Wheatbelt 2017-2018 Annual Report now contains the update on 'regional priorities' and 'emerging issues'.

The Wheatbelt Regional Plan 2013-18 is a five year outlook for the Wheatbelt region that aims to inform decision makers about appropriate policy for our area and provide a focus for investment. It outlines our vision and objectives and more importantly it describes the actions that RDA Wheatbelt will undertake to achieve better outcomes for our region.

The Wheatbelt Regional Plan examines challenges and identifies opportunities for our region taking in to consideration megatrends and the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) key determinants of long-term regional economic growth. The Plan also provides key social, economic and environmental data and information for our region. This profiling along with our extensive consultation has provided us with a strong evidence base to determine the strategies and actions that will have the most impact on addressing challenges and help our region reach its potential.

The Wheatbelt Regional Plan is a unique and important document in that it is referred to across all Australian Government Departments and can influence policy at this level. Because of the importance of this document it will be updated on an annual basis to ensure that it adequately and accurately reflects the challenges and opportunities for the region..

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