Regional Development Australia - Wheatbelt
An Australian Government Initiative

What is RDA Wheatbelt

RDA Wheatbelt is an incorporated not-for-profit community-based organisation and is one of the 55 committees that make up the national network of Regional Development Australia.

RDA Wheatbelt strives to forge and strengthen key partnerships across the government, business and community sector to boost the economic capability and performance of our region.

RDA Wheatbelt has five key performance areas:

  1.  Develop and maintain a Regional Plan that focusses on economic development for the region taking into account Commonwealth, state, territory and local government plans.
  2. Provide advice to Government on critical issues impacting on the region. Critical issues are those which are likely to have a significant impact on the current or future economic performance and growth of the region.
  3. Deliver activities that will drive regional economic development, on future economic opportunities and on the RDA region’s comparative advantages, based on consultation and engagement with community leaders.
  4. Provide assistance to local community stakeholders in order for them to develop project proposals; and referral of stakeholders to appropriate public and/or private funding sources.
  5. Increase awareness of Australian Government programs within the region.