Regional Development Australia - Wheatbelt
An Australian Government Initiative

RDAW - Call for Wheatbelt Leaders with Vision

Community volunteers are sought to join the RDA Wheatbelt Committee
Regional Development Australia (RDA) is a national network of committees made up of local people volunteering their time and energy to develop local solutions to local issues.
Leaders with the skills, experience and knowledge to build networks within the business community, industry, education and all levels of government are required to facilitate wide consultation and develop local solutions for regional economic development.
RDA Wheatbelt Chair Graham Cooper said, “Members have a shared sense of purpose and are part of a team which is seeking to improve the prosperity of the Wheatbelt by increasing the investment in infrastructure to improve productivity and employment in the region, as well as community capacity building, leadership and events”.
RDA Wheatbelt meets four times a year with opportunities to attend/represent at events, activities and organisations across the region. All travel costs and expenses are reimbursed. To find out more about how we assist our community please go to our website or download the 2016-17 Annual Report. For more information please contact the Administration office or telephone (08) 9575 1888
EOIs are encouraged throughout 2017 from all areas of the Wheatbelt.
Further EOI information, including an EOI form and information booklet, can be found at "Join Your RDA" or by contacting 1800 505 938 (Mon–Fri 9am-5pm AEST) or email