Regional Development Australia - Wheatbelt
An Australian Government Initiative

Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education

The Commonwealth Minister for Education and Training has called for a review into regional, rural and remote education with a view to considering the key ideas, challenges and barriers that impact on the learning outcomes of students.
At RDA Wheatbelt we believe that Education is a key to the future of not only our students, but to the success of the Wheatbelt as a region. We would like to make a submission to this review however we need your help to make sure it is an accurate reflection of the views of parents and teachers within the region.
We would highly value your help in completing the survey below – the broader the reach of the survey the more reflective it will be of the region.  We are particularly interested in any stories of innovative strategies that have been employed to improve the outcomes of our Wheatbelt Students (there are open questions within the survey of which this is one). You are welcome to distribute the survey.
We have two surveys designed, please take 10 minutes to have your say as a Parent/Guardian and/or Teacher by the 31st May 2017.