Regional Development Australia - Wheatbelt
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Changes to the RDA Wheatbelt Team

As we welcome Mandy and say farewell to Juliet

We are excited to announce the appointment of Mandy Walker to the new position of Director Regional Development. Mandy is a wheatbelt resident, living in Bolgart, who has a background in primary industries, emergency management and small business ownership.

With a career starting as a natural resource management Development Officer in the WA Department of Agriculture, Mandy spent time as a facilitator in land use planning, farm business planning and administering productivity grants. In these roles she worked in Perth, Bunbury and Albany, it was in Albany where she moved into an Aquaculture Development position with the Department of Fisheries for the south coast region. She spent time working with farmers to develop their aquaculture enterprises which encompassed production, marketing, licensing and research. Mandy considers this experience as a perfect grounding for appreciating and understanding the nature of primary production, market competitiveness, stewardship of natural resources and regional development.
One of Mandy’s key skill sets is to be able to use her knowledge across industries to adapt into new fields which she did in the mid-2000s to take on an environment role in the maritime industry and then lead the State’s response capability for maritime emergencies at the Department of Transport. Mandy describes dealing with ship based emergencies and oil spill response as a one of a kind experience that enabled her to travel much of the country and to lead an exceptional team of responders.
Since 2010 Mandy has grown her own business and has since been providing emergency management training and consulting services to the offshore oil and gas and maritime industries. In her spare time she supports her husband Richard in his mechanical business, enjoys travelling and experiencing the food and wine on offer in new places. She has a passion for seeing small businesses thrive, has an interest in newly emerging agri-industries and is keen to see how the use of technology in agriculture develops.
It is for these skills of working under pressure with limited information and multiple stakeholders, along with experience in primary industries and small business, that make Mandy a good fit at RDA Wheatbelt. 
RDA Wheatbelt Chairman Mr Graham Cooper said “We are pleased to welcome Mandy to the team and look forward to continuing our strong support within the region, while promoting new ideas and projects aimed at attracting investment”.
Please contact Mandy on or 0428 372 179.
With the appointment of Mandy we say farewell to Juliet, who has relocated to the South West. For nearly three years Juliet has been a driving force, both within RDA Wheatbelt and for the region, in forming solutions to issues and striving to attract partners and funding to deliver programs.
Graham Cooper said “Juliet’s ability to develop strong proposals that effectively combine a ‘ground up’ and ‘top down’ approach that addresses all aspects of the  project is recognised as a factor of the many recent successes.”
We take this opportunity to sincerely wish Juliet every success  in her new role as an Economic Development Consultant and to wholeheartedly recommend Juliet to anyone requiring an ‘edge’ on their grant application reviews and strategic documents.