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BBRF Round 3 Now Open

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, the Hon Michael McCormack MP has announced the opening of Round Three of the Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF).
Rounds One and Two of the BBRF were highly competitive with 1776 applications received, with just over a quarter of these receiving funding. Round Three provides an additional $200 million, giving further opportunity for eligible applicants to apply.
A key component under Round Three is that up to $45 million has been earmarked for tourism related infrastructure projects that will help stimulate local economies by investing in the tourism sector. This sector is vital for our regional and remote communities, creating jobs, stimulating new business and sustaining long term economic growth.
The closing date for applications is 15 November 2018.
The BBRF application portal is now open and can be accessed at The guidelines and other supporting material is also available here.

RDA Wheatbelt resources

NOTE there are always changes to the guidelines between rounds so please be mindful these resources are based on previous rounds and although a valuable resource, some aspects may yet be updated
The following resources are available to assist Wheatbelt applicants:
a.    Our office – please call our Director Regional Development Mandy Walker on 0428 372 179 or call the office on 9575 1888 and we can provide guidance and are happy to provide constructive comment on your draft application.
b.    For guidelines and application form visit the Business website.
c.    For tips see our BBRF Round 3 updated - Developing Infrastructure Funding Proposals Manual on our publications page.
d.    For detailed tips and advice, we have also prepared a series of tutorials. This resource is available for Wheatbelt organisations only.
        a. Tutorial 1 – An outline of the BBRF
        b. Tutorial 2 – The Business Case
        c. Tutorial 3 – Merit Criteria 1 – Economic Value
        d. Tutorial 4 – Merit Criteria 2 – Social Value
        e. Tutorial 5 – Merit Criteria 3 – Value for Money
        f. Tutorial 6 – Merit Criteria 4 -  Project Delivery
Each tutorial is around 30 minutes long and will provide helpful guidance for meeting the point requirement for each of the Merit Criteria.  To obtain access to these tutorials please contact Pippa on or 9575 1888.  
For "Letters of Support" we request project applications be submitted for review at least one week prior to the funding closing date, or preferably earlier, to allow support data and information to be prepared.

Fact Sheets for round 3 - 

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