Regional Development Australia - Wheatbelt
An Australian Government Initiative

Regional Activators Alliance Campaign

RDA Wheatbelt Represents Region in National Program

Regional Australia Institute (RAI), Australia’s independent think tank solely focused on better outcomes for regional Australia, has commenced a national awareness campaign to help drive a societal shift around the public perception of regional Australia. 
This will be done at a national level to deliver results at a local level for regional towns and cities, as well as businesses and community groups in regions.  
The campaign will gauge the sentiment of metropolitan Australians through qualitative research. It will span a three-year period and will focus on the development, implementation, and evaluation of an integrated marketing communications campaign to promote the opportunities of living, working and investing in regional Australia.
All aspects of the campaign will focus on RAI evidence-based research relating to four key pillars: 
•    jobs
•    population
•    liveability
•    people and leadership
Earlier in the year the Regional Activators Alliance Campaign invited local governments, economic development organisations and industry to be part of the program, with buy in costs ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 pa depending on the size of the local government area.  We saw this as a barrier to entry for our region and as a result RDA Wheatbelt has negotiated with RAI to join on behalf of the 42 Wheatbelt shires for a one year membership to ensure that our region is represented in this national movement to recognise and promote Regional Australia. Subsequent membership over the 3 year program will be reviewed at the end of the first year.
To enhance our involvement we have partnered with the Wheatbelt based Regional Regeneration Alliance to facilitate our region’s participation. I will be writing to Local Governments to explain how to get involved in this initiative and the benefits we expect to see your input will have for the Wheatbelt. 
For more information contact or phone 0428 372 179.